Kiribati Churches Dismiss Possibility Of Gay Marriage

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Catholic, Protestant leaders say there ‘is no room for debate’

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (The Kiribati Independent, June 5, 2012) – Gay marriage is against our Christian values, according to leaders of the two largest church denominations in Kiribati.

The statement came following debates in the United States and around the globe regarding the rights of individuals to choose their partner, man or woman.

Head of the Kiribati Catholic Church, Bishop Paul Mwea, said marriage is between man and woman. And head of the Kiribati Protestant Church, Rev Ioeru Rewi, said it’s against Christianity.

While some I-Kiribati have spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of same sex marriage, the two leaders said there is no room for such debates in the church.

It was believed that there are some gay or lesbian couples in Kiribati, but it was very hard to know them they hide themselves from the community. The community sees them as "kammaira" (dirty).

Rev Rewi said same sex marriage undermines and destroys marriage institutions.

They said marriage must be treasured and protected. The two leaders have supported campaigns by church and lobby groups that oppose the legalization of same sex marriage.

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