Tahiti Marks 10th Anniversary Of Politician’s Disappearance

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Leontieff may have changed history if he had lived

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia July 6, 2012) - A memorial service has been held in French Polynesia to mark the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of politician Boris Leontieff.

Mr. Leontieff was a former mayor of the capital city, Papeete, and one of the nation’s pro-autonomy leaders when his plane vanished and supposedly crashed into the sea.

Three other prominent French Polynesian politicians were also onboard the flight to the Tuamotu Islands.

Many Tahitians still believe the plane’s disappearance was not properly investigated.

Tahiti journalist Thibault Marais says Boris Leontieff considered himself a potential political leader and some observers think he could have changed the course of history if he had lived.

"What he was calling at the time a third way, another way, another choice for Tahitians between Mr. Temaru and Mr. Flosse’s Party," Mr. Marais told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat.

"But of course, we never know what would have happened if he still be (sic) around."

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