Honiara City Council Reinstates Mayor Maeoli In Solomons

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Failure to meet ‘absolute majority’ decision defeats dismissal motion

By Daniel Namosuaia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, July 13, 2012) – The ousted Honiara City Council (HCC) Mayor Israel Maeoli has been reinstated in the Solomon Islands.

This was announced in the presence of the full house on Wednesday.

The surprising twist came following the council’s request for the Attorney General’s (AG) clarification and advice on the council’s Act section 8(1).

The section stated that the office of the Mayor becomes vacant where-(a) a resolution is passed by an absolute majority of the elected members of the city council declaring that the Mayor be removed and the Minister makes a declaration of the effect.

This means the result of last Thursday’s motion was defeated because it did not meet the absolute majority result required under the Act.

Before the full house yesterday, city clerk Charles Kelly announced that the result of last Thursday’s motion was confirmed by the AG ‘defeated’.

Mr. Kelly informed the councilors that in order to remove the Mayor, an absolute majority is required under section 8(1) which means votes in favor of a motion to remove the mayor must be 7 or more.

However the result of last Thursday’s motion only has six supports.

Two councilors abstained during last Thursday’s motion.

Only four voted for the current mayor.

Meanwhile the city clerk will have to seek the AG’s advice as to whether the nominations which he had already approved were still valid or should there be need for new nominations.

He was also seeking advice on the fact that since the motion was defeated, is it still legally possible to move another motion or to wait for another 18 months before another motion is moved.

Another point to clarify with the AG was whether the point of order moved in a resolution agreed to by the chamber for someone to act as chair on behalf of the Mayor after he was ousted is still legal or not.

Israel Maeoli said he was satisfied with the outcome and call on all his members to unite and work for the good of the Honiara community.

"The outcome sets precedence for any future cases. I am satisfied with the ruling and I am happy that justice prevailed and not for people to say that I am hungry for power.

Mr. Maeoli further calls on all councilors to get involved and be part of the government.

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