Public Access To Point Cruz Wharf Restricted In Solomons

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Concerns raised over public safety, loitering

By Elliot Dawea

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, July 16, 2012) – Public access to Point Cruz wharf will stop soon in the Solomon Islands.

Instead, the wharf area will become restricted under new security measures Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) is putting in place.

SIPA chief executive officer William Barile says new fences will be built around the wharf area to ensure only those who have business are allowed in there.

The wharf area is currently opened to the public and some are using it as a drinking spot or place to sell betel nut and the illegal home-brew kwaso.

Barile says by restricting public access, they are ensuring the safety of passengers boarding and arriving at the wharf.

He added this new security measure will also ensure SIPA collects shipping and berthing fees that are rightly due to it.

"Those who arrive from ships will not pay fees but must leave the area as soon as they unload their goods.

"Unnecessary staying at the wharves will be discouraged," Barile says.

Meanwhile, Ports Facilities Security Officer (PFSO) Nilson Kikoni says security is a significant component of operating the port.

"SIPA has recognized the importance of security because the port is the entry point of foreign goods and people," he says.

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