Kiribati Receives Funding For Marine Protected Area

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Phoenix Islands Protected Area gets $2.8 million

TARAWA, Kiribati (Kiribati Independent, Aug. 10, 2012) –Kiribati’s Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) has received a major funding boost, thanks to funding grants from overseas agencies.

PIPA’s newsletter, Ana Okai Bakoa, reported the fund totalled AUD$2,663,100 [US$2.8 million] would be split among government’s departments that share the responsibility or have direct involvement in the management of the protected area.

The newsletter is not showing how much each ministry is getting from the two-million grants. The ministries are the Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism and the Police Service.

Most of the PIPA’s share would be used for administration and wages. PIPA has appointed two new officers, a treasurer and communications personnel.

The PIPA has been with the Ministry of Environment since it was established in 2004 under the directorship of former government secretary, Tukabu Teroroko.

The organisation has undertaken a number of research at the protected marine area and is hoping to consult with the Ministry of Education regarding their proposal to incorporate some of the findings into the schools’ curriculums.

In 2006, Kiribati’s PIPA became the largest protected marine area in the world with a size of 408.250sq km. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is 344, 000 sq km while Hawaii’s marine protected area is 341.000 sq km.

In 2010, PIPA was recognised by the United Nations and became part of the World Heritages.

New England Aquarium, (NEAq), Conservation International (CI), Global Environmental Fund through the United Nations Environment Programme donated this fund to Kiribati.

[Editor’s note: This story is translated from Ana Okai Bakoa newsletter. This is the official newsletter of PIPA.]

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