Korean Company Financing New Adventure Park In Palau

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Zipline course, cultural sites to be featured in Airai park

By Aurea Gerundio-Dizon

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, Aug. 14, 2012) – The Korean firm that established the Palau Eco Theme Park in Ngardmau is considering Airai State this time for the development of another destination for recreation.

Palau Eco Adventure Group is building up Palau Adventure Park in Airai. The park, which cost over a million in investment, will offer a four-course zipline and a tour by land or by boat to the state’s historic sites.

Airai historic sites include the World War II Japanese Communication Center, traditional causeway, traditional chiefs’ meeting house, the pre-historic cave, Yapese stone money, ancient burial cave, stone money dock and the 1.5 kilometer mangrove channel.

With a fee of $85, one gets to ride the four-course zipline and visit historic sites such as WWII Japanese Communication Center, war canoe, traditional causeway and traditional chiefs’ meeting house with a ride provided by the park. Others can also choose to ride the zipline and visit historic sites such as the pre-historic cave, Yapese stone money, ancient burial cave and stone money dock by boat for a fee of $95.

A tour by kayak on the 1.5 kilometer mangrove channel has yet to be finalized.

For locals who would choose to ride only the four-course zipline, the fee will be at $40.

The park will also feature Slow Post Office. This reportedly originated from Chungsan Island in Korea, the Asia’s first "slow city." The post card can be bought for $5 at the park. The Slow Post Office will then deliver the post card to the address written on it.

Palau Eco Adventure Group (PEAG) CEO Chris Kay said the Palau Adventure Park is tentatively scheduled to launch in September. The park is located near Oikull Center and PMA, a five-minute ride away from the airport.

Kay assured that the zipline in Airai was safely-built and followed Korean safety standards.

A year ago, PEAG gave diversion to tourists as well as the residents here with the establishment of Palau Eco Theme Park in Ngardmau. PEAG invested $2.2 million to develop the trail to the scenic Taki Waterfall.

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