Magiagi Chief Again Sacked By Samoa Government

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Tuiono Letoafa Keni says village still recognizes his position

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Sept. 10, 2012) – It’s final: Tuiono Letoafa Keni is no longer the Samoa government’s representative in Magiagi village.

That’s what Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi made very clear on Friday during an interview with the Sunday Samoan.

This is the second termination for Tuiono after he was reinstated for a short period late last month. But Tuiono is adamant about his continued status in Magiagi.

While he confirmed that he received notice on 4 September about his second termination from the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development, he claims he is still the pulenu’u of Magiagi.

"If that’s what the Prime Minister believes, it’s what he believes," he said defiantly. "As for me, my village still recognizes me as the pulenu’u."

In an interview with the Samoa Observer, Tuilaepa spelled out the obligations of the village government representatives very clearly.

"If you don’t work as a representative of the government for your village and do justice, you are automatically out."

He was referring to Tuiono being at the forefront of the decision to reject the government’s decision to place cash power meters in every house at Magiagi.

He said this is the second time Tuiono’s post has been terminated due to the reasons mentioned and the government cannot accept people who are called "representative of the government" and yet they support stupid things in their villages.

The Prime Minister also had some advice for present and intending government representatives in all the villages.

"You should lead by example, develop and push all government initiatives for the benefit of the people in your village, and not initiate or encourage stupid actions that are against our foundation and our constitution," he said.

"We don’t accept these kinds of people, and it’s the same with Satapuala’s representative, Ga Sakaria. Ga has been the leader of what I call ‘stupid and childish decision making’ which led to a roadblock and the police being called in to stop this nonsense," he said.

"The government did not pay these people to lead stupid actions."

He confirmed that the two posts are vacant and the Ministry of Women will deal with suitable people to take over.

Meanwhile preparations for cash power installations in Magiagi are proceeding smoothly.

"Most of the families’ electricity meters have been read and the cash power installations are due to commence next week," he said.

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