Conspiracy Alleged Over PNG Taskforce Leader’s Arrest

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Officers removed from group plotted against coordinator

By Simon Eroro

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Sept. 27, 2012) – Two senior officers with the PNG Customs Commission and a police officer who were recently removed from the Taskforce "Rausim Alien" conspired to arrest the taskforce coordinator John Bria by fabricating allegations.

This is contained in a letter to the Director Immigrations was sighted by the Post Courier yesterday from other members of the taskforce.

It also goes on to explain that the conspiracy was revealed in two different occasions, first by the Six Mile Police Station Commander Brian Kombe on the 24th September, 2012 outside the police station car park where he admitting advising Mr. Bria to be careful as there were people within the team plotting to remove him.

The report also states that on Tuesday 25th, Stanley Japele, the police officer who arrested Mr. Bria apologized in front of other policemen (named) that he was forced by the two PNG Customs Officers and the policeman (named) to execute the arrest on the taskforce boss.

The customs officer has denied the claims made in the report when contacted yesterday.

However, this policeman is quoted as saying, "we have to sort out the problem among ourselves... I can withdraw the case."

The report alleged that the arresting officer developed bitterness against Mr. Bria after he was removed from the taskforce as he was attending classes at the UPNG and was frequently absent on taskforce duties.

One of the two customs officers identified as the main player in the report is alleged to be a close associate of certain people (named) as having close relationship with foreigners who were recently arrested by the members of the taskforce last month.

The foreign company identified in the report is Tzen Niugini Limited, the company recently searched by the taskforce.

The report stated that a lot of discrepancies were uncovered, including bullets, pornography, beche-de-mer, breach of visa and work permit conditions and interestingly payment vouchers made to police personnel, senior public servants and political cronies.

The policeman (named) who is alleged to have conspired with the two customs officials is reported to have ill advised the Director Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Donald Yamasombi that the possession of exhibit firearms by another member of the policeman attached to the taskforce was illegal.

The report claimed that due to his slowness in compiling reports on the firearms, his job was split and designated to another police officer which brought bitterness against the taskforce coordinator.

The report also goes to the state where the changes were effected because this policeman had a record of mishandling exhibited guns while attached to CID Central and Organized crime unit at Police Headquarters.

"It was there that the firearms of Chinese deportee Kevin He Kai and Sri Lankan deportee De Silva Sivanka, was mishandled," the report alleged.

The report has been copied to the Police Commissioner, PNG Customs Commissioner, Director CID, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent and OIC CID NCD.

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