Solomons PM Calls On US To Lift Embargo Against Cuba

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Lilo notes support received from Havana during UN address

By Ednal R. Palmer

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Oct. 1, 2012) – Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo calls on the United States of America (USA) to immediately lift the economic and trade embargo against Cuba.

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday, Mr Lilo said the USA should respect the good neighbourly principle.

Cuba, US’s neighbour, has been providing scholarships for Solomon Islands medical students to study in Cuba.

A Good number of Solomon Islands students are there studying medicine.

Mr Lilo expressed appreciation to the Cuban Government for the assistance.

"I thank the Government and people of Cuba for the support provided to our medical students.

"We join the international community in calling for the immediate lifting of the US economic and trade embargo against Cuba.

"Solomon Islands encourage the US to respect the good neighborly principle."

Meanwhile the Prime Minister urges the United Nations to engage Taiwan in efforts to advance sustainable development.

He said the NCRA Government recognised Taiwan’s flexibility, moderate and rational foreign policy which he said continues to promote friendly cross-strait relations.

Mr Lilo added that his government also supports Taiwan’s participation in the UN system.

"Solomon Islands continues to support Taiwan's meaningful participation in the UN system, including its aspirations to be a member of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and UNFCCC.

"Although not a member of ICAO, Taiwan manages more than a million flights, 40 million passengers per annum.

"Similarly, Taiwan is the 22nd largest emitter of greenhouse gas but it is not a member of UNFCCC.

"I firmly believe that it is our shared responsibility to engage Taiwan in our efforts to advance sustainable development and address climate change."

[PIR editor’s note: Lilo also expressed concern that the world’s big polluters are not doing enough to prevent climate change.]

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