Incumbents Lead In Many Palau Delegate Races

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Slow counting blamed on voter errors

By Aurea Gerundio-Dizon

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, Nov. 9, 2012) – Eleven incumbent delegates are leading against their respective opponents in the race for the House of Delegates based on partial and unofficial results released by the Palau Election Commission yesterday.

[PIR editor’s note: Meanwhile, Island Times reported that counting is slow despite the use of machines to count ballots. An election officer "said that some voters did not shade well the oval beside the candidates’ name, some put check marks instead of shading the oval and some wrote their write-in candidates but did not shade the oval beside the name." These mistakes meant that many ballots needed to be removed from the machine and counted by hand.]

In Koror, Del. Alexander Merep got more votes than his rivals Salvador Tellames and Felix Francisco. Merep got 1,069 votes while Francisco got 638 votes and Tellames got 575 votes.

Del. Tmewang Rengulbai is leading in Airai with 369 votes as against 344 votes for Frank Kyota.

In Kayangel, Del. Noah Kemesong is way ahead of his opponents. He got 135 votes while former governor Edwin Chiokai got 88 votes and Florencio Yamada got 26 votes.

It is a close fight between Del. Marhence Madrangchar and Masao Salvador in Ngarchelong. Madrangchar got 209 votes while Salvador got 202 votes. Don Bukurrou got 61 votes.

In Ngaraard, Del. Gibson Kanai topped with 293 votes. Martin Sokau got 175 votes while Priscilla Subris got 112 votes.

Del. Lentcer Basilius has a huge lead against opponent Brian Melairei in Melekeok. Basilius got 233 votes while Melairei got 117 votes, a 116 difference.

In Ngaremlengui, Del. Swenny Ongidobel is leading with 187 votes as against 150 votes for Portia Franz.

It is a neck and neck race also in Ngatpang where Del. Jerry Nabeyama has a one-point lead against his opponent Lee Otobed. Nabeyama got 105 votes while Otobed got 104 votes.

In Peleliu, Del. Jonathan Isechal is leading with 149 votes. Joseph Giramur got 135 votes while Charles Desengei Matsutaro got 99 votes.

In Angaur, Del. Horace Rafael is leading by five points against former delegate Mario Gulibert. Rafael got 114 votes while Gulibert got 109 votes.

In Hatohobei, Del. Wayne Andrew is leading by four points against Sebastian Marino who got 41 votes.

In the states of Ngchesar, Ngardmau, Aimeliik and Sonsorol, former delegates and first-timers are leading against the incumbents.

Sabino Anastacio is leading with 148 votes as against 139 votes for Del. Secilil Eldebechel in Ngchesar.

In Ngardmau, Lucio Ngiraiwet is leading by eight points against Del. Rebluud Kesolei who got 104 votes.

In Aimeliik, first-timer Marino Ngemaes got 233 votes while Del. Kalistus Ngirturong got 186 votes.

In Sonsorol, write-in candidate Yutaka Gibbons Jr. has two-point lead against Del. Celestine Yangilmau who got 64 votes.

In Ngiwal, Masasinge Arurang is leading with 144 votes. Eugene Termeteet got 118 votes, Francis Llecholch got 62 votes and Pablo Temol got 48 votes.

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