Micronesian Chief Executives Summit Kicks Off In Marshalls

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Chairman RMI President Loeak opens meeting

MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Yokwe, Dec. 1, 2012) – The Marshall Islands’ welcomed regional and local leaders this week for the Micronesian Chief Executives Summit (MCES). The 18th session convened at the International Conference Center in Delap, Majuro on Thursday, followed by the Leaders’ retreat on Friday.

Representing the Honorable Eddie Baza Calvo, Governor of Guam and Chairman of the 17th MCES, his Designated Representative Joanne Brown turned over the Chairmanship to RMI President Christopher J. Loeak as Chairman of the 18th MCES.

Incoming Chairman President Loeak welcomed President Emanuel Mori of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM); Minister Johnny Gibbons of the Republic of Palau, representing President Johnson Toribiong; Senator Peter Christian, FSM National Congress; Speaker Judy Won Pat of the Guam Legislature and President of the Association of Pacific Islands Legislatures; Governors; Lieutenant Governors; representatives; and resource persons from the US Territory of Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the States of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Yap.

In his remarks, President Loeak presented the 18th MCES theme: "An Bilinlin Koba Komman Lometo" (Our Ocean is made up of many tiny drops of water). The theme follows through from the 17th MCES theme and captures two primary messages. The first message refers to re-thinking our sense of shared identity and history.

"The 'smallness' of 'islands' should not detract us from the realization to our 'greater self'. There should be no hindrance to our ability to address development aspirations as a family of shared cultural interest. I believe that we have unlimited potential for growth in our region if we all work together," stated President Loeak.

The second message behind the theme relates to our shared aspirations and goals. He acknowledged the significance of promoting unity and solidarity among all peoples of Micronesia.

The Micronesian individual countries, territories, and region itself, has led by example in declaring the world's largest shark sanctuaries; is collectively finding avenues to adapt to the changing climate; making strong headway in implementing renewable energy programs and targets under the Green Energy Micronesia (GEM); among others.

"We are, collectively through the Micronesia Challenge, and individually, through our own local initiatives, making a world of difference," said President Loeak.

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