PNG ‘Rausim Alien’ Taskforce Seizes 7 Foreign Nationals

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PNG ‘Rausim Alien’ Taskforce Seizes 7 Foreign Nationals ‘Several’ policemen implicated in working with suspects

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Dec. 28, 2012) – Seven foreign nationals have been apprehended by members of the Task Force team Rausim Alien for breaching labor and immigration laws in Papua New Guinea.

Pornographic materials, unlicensed firearms and illicit drugs were also confiscated during the operation.

The operation, code named "O Rise," was conducted by the members of the ‘Rausim Alien’ team as part of its special Christmas operation along the tip of Malalaua in Gulf Province and concluded at Kupiano in Central Province.

The team comprised members of PNG Immigration and Citizenship and Police Department’s composite unit of members from Police headquarters, National Criminal Intelligence Unit (NCIU) and CID Central.

The operation was conducted based on intelligence reports compiled during two months of surveillance on suspicious activities of non-bona fide foreign nationals venturing into the rural setting and villages in Central Province and running questionable business activities, whilst others are operating low standard trade stores using the banner of their PNG wives after changing their visa status to dependents of their PNG wives.

Task Force coordinator John Bria said: "There is no place for foreigners who think they will manipulate our laws and operate discreditable businesses in rural areas and escape from authorities as we will vigorously enforce the laws. If we don’t, who will do it?"

Also, during the operation logging camps, rubber plantations and shops were searched to authenticate legal documents and to look for illicit items.

During the operation, several regular policemen from the NCD Central command were found working with the foreign nationals in logging camps, rubber estates and shops. Whether approval was sought from the NCD Central commander ACP Francis Tokura could not be confirmed.

Mr. Bria said: "We are aware that NCD Central Commander Francis Tokura issued a warning to policemen two to three weeks ago in the media to cease private security escorts for Asians and we don’t know why they are still out there. It is a matter for police hierarchy to sort out as the actions of this minority cannot be allowed to lower the standard of our constabulary."

The Task Force team will continue to conduct similar operations around the country in the New Year to remove illegal immigrants and investigate foreigners engaged in disreputable activities and posing a threat to national security.

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