Tonga Sees Car Accidents, Robberies Near Christmas

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Two individuals hospitalized after automobile accidents

NUKUALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Dec. 28, 2012) – Three violent robberies occurred in Nuku'alofa during the Christmas week.

The Tonga police described them as "serious offences" in a statement on December 27.

Four masked men entered a store in Vaololoa on December 21, assaulting a security guard and stealing TOP$1,000 [US$576] in cash and goods valued at around TOP$3,000 [US$1,728].

A second robbery took place on Christmas day when two men broke into a guesthouse stealing assorted properties valued over TOP$10,000 [US$5,761]. Police said that a 26 year old woman staying at the guesthouse was also "indecently assaulted".

On Boxing Day a hooded, masked offender snatched a cash register containing TOP$50 [US$28], from a 32 year old female shopkeeper at a Ma’ufanga store. The offender was seen driving away in a white car.

The police have appealed to the public for any information that might assist them in their investigations of these robberies. Contact police by phone 23083 or 922.

Apart from these incidents the Christmas holidays had been "peaceful", the police stated.

Road accidents

There have been no road deaths but two serious road accidents were recorded.

A sixteen year old Manuka boy was injured after his car collided with a power post.

A 42 year old Havelu’loto man was charged with negligent driving after his car struck a 4 year old boy crossing a road in Ngele’ia. The driver rushed the boy to Vaiola hospital where he was reported to be recovering.

A police crackdown on drunk driving has resulted in 21 drivers being charged with drunk driving last week.

The police reported eight road deaths in Tonga since the beginning of 2012, compared with 12 in 2011.

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