Ghai Criticizes Fiji Regime’s Handling Of Draft Constitution

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Draft document still to be circulated online by blogs, NGOs

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Jan. 3, 2013) – The chair of the Fiji Constitution Commission says the regime’s decrees make it clear that the Constituent Assembly is to consider no other draft than the one produced by his Commission.

Yash Ghai made the statement amid claims that the Commission was prohibited from producing more than the single draft copy given to the President last month for study by a Constituent Assembly.

Professor Ghai also chose to disseminate the final draft via blogs and NGOs this week after the Commission suspected its website to be unsuitable because of alleged outside tampering.

The military says Professor Ghai defied the decree by ordering the printing of 600 copies, but police have laid no charges.

The printed drafts were seized by police, with some documents being burned in front of Professor Ghai when he tried to intervene.

In his statement, he says it makes no sense to say that the draft cannot be released.

The interim prime minister has said the constitution will be ready by the end of March although no Constituent Assembly to vet and finalize the draft has been set up yet.

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