Vanuatu Police Seek Compensation For ‘Illegal Arrest’

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Group originally charged with mutiny, treason

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Jan. 4, 2013) – Ten Vanuatu police officers are claiming two million US dollars in compensation for having been arrested illegally.

The police officers have registered their case in the Vanuatu Supreme Court, demanding the compensation for trespass, illegal arrest and detention.

The officers were arrested last month following allegations of treason, mutiny, inciting mutiny and kidnapping amid a prolonged row over who is the country’s police commissioner.

One was released after questioning and ten were kept in cells but were released the same afternoon on advice from the Attorney General who said their arrest was illegal.

The incident was part of a row between a former police commissioner, Joshua Bong, and Arthur Caulton, who has been confirmed as the acting commissioner by the head of state.

The defendants in the civil case are Mr Caulton and five senior police officers, who allegedly planned their arrest, as well as the Republic of Vanuatu.

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