Samoa Water Authority Reports All Customers Reconnected

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Director says remaining issues due to leaks, blockages

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Jan. 9, 2013) – Samoa's Water Authority says all its customers have now been reconnected to the water supply following last month's devastating cyclone.

Cyclone Evan damaged parts of the country's water supply system, especially on the main island of Upolu.

Managing director Tainau Titimaea says the cyclone experience has shown that the Samoa Water Authority needs to reposition some pipelines, buy more water delivery trucks and take on extra staff.

Mr. Titimaea told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat his repair crews are exhausted after the non-stop work to restore Upolu's water supply.

"At this stage, I'd say 95 percent of our customers have got water now.

"The other five percent are the people who haven't got the water probably due to leakages and blockages, but all out mains on the island of Upolu are now on."

Five people died and at least 12 people are still missing in Samoa in the wake of Cyclone Evan.

[PIR editor’s note: Elsewhere, Samoan families who have been moved out of evacuation centers last weekend are reportedly still waiting on assistance promised to them by authorities.]

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