Fiji Authorities Seek Reduction In Jailbreaks

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Officer training, better technology in the works for facilities

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Jan. 17, 2013) – Fiji’s Corrections Department has revamped security procedures to reduce the number of prison escapes.

Commissioner Iferemi Vasu says last year’s escape of five inmates from the Naboro facility prompted the department to investigate its failings.

The incident also prompted Amnesty International to call on Fiji to address allegations of torture inside its prisons after an escapee had lost a leg once he was recaptured.

Mr. Vasu says more training for officers, revamped security proceedings and improved technology are being actioned this year, and he is confident it will make a difference.

"Well the government has given us the budget just to improve on those ones, like CCTV, being introduced in other institutions. And we looking at metal detectors and screening machines that will help us in the movement of personnel in and out of institutions. Those are the areas we are looking at now to help us in our manpower."

Iferemi Vasu says that they have also told inmates their security is tighter, and they are reminding members of the visiting public to not bring in any contraband for prisoners.

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