Ports Director Suspended By Vanuatu Public Service Body

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Director claims ‘false allegations’ motivated by politics

By Godwin Ligo

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Jan. 23, 2013) – The Director of Ports and Harbor, Morris Kaloran, was suspended by Vanuatu’s Public Service Commission (PSC) last Friday.

He confirmed to Daily Post yesterday afternoon that he received his suspension letter last Friday and the PSC appointed Glen Takau as Acting Director of Ports and Harbor for a six-month period.

On the question of what were the reasons for his suspension, Mr. Kaloran said the reasons given in his letter of suspension were the same that he was suspended for in his previous suspension.

"It’s the same false allegations that I was suspended for previously which include the Tug Boat Roimata that went to Fiji for repair and maintenance, the MV Malekula running aground on Erromango and the light house. It’s all politically motivated," said Kaloran.

Asked to explain what exactly he meant by his suspension politically motivated, his reply was: "It’s all to do with the issue of the Mega Yacht Phocaea."

The government wants to release Phocaea but with my presence as Director of Ports and Harbor and applying the Vanuatu Laws that we just cannot simply release Phocaea like that without applying the laws and procedures of the country make them find a way to remove me and appoint someone whom they can use to carry out their agenda on Phocaea," defiant suspended Director of Ports and Harbor Morris Kaloran told Daily Post.

He said his suspension is pending to an investigation concerning the same allegations he was suspended for previously.

"It’s the same allegations concerning the same issues I was suspended for before.

Those allegations were already dealt with by the Public Service Commission and now I am being suspended for the second time for the same allegations which to me is clearly politically motivated because of the issue of Phocaea which I had maintained the stand that the Yacht cannot leave the country without the authorization of the governing authorities of Vanuatu under the relevant laws of the country.

"So to me I maintain that my suspension is politically motivated," said Kaloran.

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