New Caledonia Party Rails Against New Television Stations

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Caledonia Together claims station will fund rival party

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Jan. 29, 2013) – A campaign against two new television stations to be launched in New Caledonia is picking up momentum.

The French agency in charge of broadcasting last week approved the applications of NCTV and NC9.

The Caledonia Together Party says it will use all means possible to stop NC9 which it says will use lotto money and public funds to give a present to the politicians of the rival Rassemblement-UMP.

An online petition has also been launched by an anonymous individual against the two stations, saying no public money should be spent on feeding the dreams of megalomaniac politicians.

It alleges that the stations lack the breadth needed ahead of key decisions, which is an allusion to a possible referendum on independence from France after 2014.

NC9 says it will run two newsrooms to be as comprehensive as possible.

NCTV says it wants to help the territory’s mainly Kanak north integrate in the spirit of the accords on greater autonomy.

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