Vanuatu Education Ministry To Raise $1.9 Million In 2013

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Department announces 8 revenue-generating initiatives

By Jonas Cullwick

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Feb. 28, 2013) – Vanuatu’s Ministry of Education, Youth Development, Sports and Training (MoYDST) intends to raise Vt178.067 million [US$1.9 million] towards government’s revenue target this financial year.

The ministry’s plans for achieving this figure were put to the Government’s recent Revenue Forum held in Port Vila. Members of non-state actors were also called in after the two day seminar to hear the government’s revenue raising initiatives and to assist with ideas to achieve these aims.

As Parliament prepares to meet in two weeks’ time to debate government’s budget estimates for 2013 during its First Ordinary Session for the year, government ministries, departments and cooperate organizations have been polishing up their plans for managing their revenue and expenditure budgets.

The Ministry of Education, Youth Development, Sports and Training presented a Revenue Initiatives list that consisted of three parts: Department of Education revenue initiatives; Department of Youth Development, Sport and Training revenue initiatives; and MoYDST revenue initiatives from External sources.

"As we all know, MoYDST is not a revenue-making department, but we know how to spend the money," the presentation from the Ministry to the forum started. But at the same time it stressed intentions they have to expand their horizons to include possibilities of earning government revenue from some of their programs.

This statement also highlighted the fact that revenue the ministry intends to raise from its current sources is only Vt8.3 million [US$90,463], compared to a massive Vt30.067 million [US$327,607] that will come from new revenue sources planned for this year.

In addition, two of four of the ministry’s all-new External Revenue Initiatives planned to come into effect this year aim to raise Vt139.7 million [US$1.5 million].

Under the Department of Education there are eight revenue initiatives – five new and three ongoing programs. While under the Department of Youth Development, Sports and Training there are three revenue initiatives – two ongoing and one new initiative.

One of the new initiatives under the Department of Education requires the registration of all permanent and temporary teachers under two separate registries – one for permanent teachers and the other for temporary teachers. Registration of permanent teachers is to be done every three years, based on teachers performance, while renewal of licenses to be done every year.

Revenue for registration every three years is forecast to bring in Vt11.5 million [US$125,341] from 2,300 teachers each paying Vt5,000 [US$54.49], while revenue from renewal of licenses every year will reach Vt3.45 million [US$37,602] at Vt1,500 [US$16.34] from each of the 2,300 teachers.

Another new revenue initiative is a Teacher’s Appeal Against Termination, which will require teachers who appeal against their termination from the Teaching Service Commission to pay Vt50,000 [US$544.95].

The Ministry’s paper states that this is an unplanned cost to government in terms of teachers’ airfare, members’ allowances and other minor expenses that arise from hearing cases. This initiative anticipates raising Vt1.5 million [US$16,348] annually from an average of 30 cases.

The third new initiatives is a Scholarships Application Fee which will charge Vt2,000 [US$21.79] for scholarship application and aims to rake in Vt1 million [US$10,899] from 500 applications received annually.

All the three revenue initiatives will require amendments to relevant legislations to make them enforceable.

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