‘No Stone Left Unturned’ In Vanuatu Lands Investigation

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‘No Stone Left Unturned’ In Vanuatu Lands Investigation Public service commission will search for issues as early as 1980

By Ricky Binihi

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, March 6, 2013) – The Public Service Commission (PSC) investigation into allegations that Vanuatu’s Department of Lands officials acquired public land that was not tendered will track the public land dealings since Independence.

This could mean the investigations will go back to 1980 when the Vanua’aku Pati was in government and people who opposed Independence were deported and their properties were obtained by Vanuatu citizens.

But many of the properties had not been tendered. For instance, a prominent former government minister at that time acquired the property of a deportee in Luganville, Santo but the question the Commission is probing is whether that property was put on public tender.

The probe is headed by the Commissioner of Public Service, Mr. Holi Simeon at the helm of government and properties date back to 1980.

The Daily Post has copies of the land title numbers, the names of deportees, the names of the new registered lessees, the location of land and the description of the properties of all the list of the Urban Deportees Properties already sold in Luganville and Port Vila.

The PS Commissioner was contacted Monday to comment on the outcome of but he could not be reached.

However the government spokesman Mr. Jeff Patunvanu said the Commissioner was busy as he was expected to compile a report of the investigations that should be presented to the Council of Ministers for a decision.

"It’s obvious that Lands Department officials recently acquired land that was not put up for tender or not for sale according to resolution 60 of 2010 Council of Ministers Meeting.

"And the Prime Minister Sato Kilman has demanded a comprehensive report of all public land sales since 1980 and there will be no stones unturned," Mr. Patunvanu told the Daily Post.

Vanuatu knows that Prime Minister owns a property of a deportee in Port Vila but which other leaders own properties in the two towns that were never tendered will be made public in a PSC inquiry sanctioned by the Prime Minister Kilman.

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