World Bank Allocates More For Samoa Cyclone Recovery

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$200 million in damages estimated in Evan's wake

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, March 13, 2013) – The World Bank says it will provide Samoa with an extra US$20 million to help it recover from Cyclone Evan.

Evan struck in December 2012 and killed five people, displaced about 4,000 and damaged or destroyed hundreds of houses.

The cyclone also damaged transport infrastructure, energy plants, tourism facilities and crops.

The World Bank's Franz Drees-Grosse told Radio Australia a damage assessment they did in conjunction with Samoa's government in January showed the economic impact of the disaster was enormous.

"What we came up with basically 600 houses destroyed or severely damaged making about 4,000 people homeless, five people lost their lives and agriculture was very hard hit," he said.

"So there was about 30,000 people who lost crops, before we estimate total damage and losses at about $200 million. It's about a third of the size of Samoa's economic output for a year."

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