Solomons PM: 6 Months More For Reconciliation Report

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Lilo says delay due to ‘sensitive’ findings in commission’s findings

By Ben Rakai

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, March 29, 2013) – Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has broken the silence over when the much anticipated findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) will be made public.

The Prime Minister told Parliament when asked about the TRC report, a taskforce is still scrutinizing the report.

"Let’s give it another six months for the government to see how the taskforce that was being appointed to scrutinize the report is doing," Mr. Lilo said.

He said since the report was received, the government has taken the initiative to establish a committee to look at the content of the report.

"I have no intention at all to vary or re-edit the report but just to assess how sensitive the issues are… identify what particular areas require greater sensitivity, what areas require more financial input, all these requires greater responsibility," he said.

He made the announcement in response to questions raised by Member of Parliament for Aoke Langalanga Matthew Wale.

The TRC handed over the report to Mr. Lilo on February 27, 2012 after a nationwide inquiry into the past ethnic conflict that ravaged the country.

The Prime Minister said the only reason for delaying the presentation of the TRC report to Parliament is for the purposes of being responsible because of the sensitivity of the findings of the Commission.

"We do not want to rush into releasing the report because we want to handle the issues in a responsible way."

He insisted that the original report will not be edited.

"You cannot do that because that because that would wipe out some of the fundamental issues that needs to be made known, that once brought us down.

"We need to remind ourselves and warn our futures generations that if we go down that path, the country will end up in that kind of situation experienced more than a decade ago.

"I can assure this house, the government will ensure the report reaches Parliament in a more responsible way."

Mr. Lilo assured those implicated in the report to bear with the government so that they can come up with a more manageable program to look into how they can promote better healing and restoration of their rights that have been affected from the findings of the TRC report.

The public, prominent citizens and Chairman of the TRC Father Sam Ata have called on the Government to make public the report – calls which have gone unanswered.

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