Isabel Province Boosts Agricultural Assistance In Solomons

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Farmers in Isabel reportedly focusing on rice crops

By Denver Newter

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 2, 2013) – The Isabel provincial government in the Solomon Islands has stepped in to assist all agricultural activities around the province by providing funds.

Chief extension field officer Jacob Pitu said the provision of funds was to support the projects and boost agricultural activities in the region.

Mr. Pitu in an interview with the Solomon Star last week said the agriculture office in Buala was pleased to see provincial government supporting the work of agriculture in the province.

"We have a lot of financial support coming directly from the national government, Rural Development Projects (RDP) and our own provincial government which my office in Buala really appreciates," Mr. Pitu said.

Mr. Pitu said his office is currently working alongside with the Isabel provincial government to improve the standard of agriculture around the province.

He said the province has quite a huge number of farmers being assisted by government and RDP in the area of rice and cocoa but now most of them are concentrating on planting rice.

"So far rice is a potential crop which our farmers concentrate on very much because we realize that the demand for rice in the country is very high.

"Therefore with such assistance we are trying to ensure production must increase while at the same to improve the standard of agriculture around the province," Mr. Pitu added.

In Isabel farmers from seven communities namely; Jarihana, Folo, Kolotubi, Kava, Kololako, Gozoruru and Ruruma are into rice farming.

Most of the farmers will harvest the rice later this year.

Mr. Pitu thanked all those who supported them in their projects.

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