Vanuatu Ministry Defends Roving Ambassador’s Revocation

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Government says no intention to discredit Goiset

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 3, 2013) – The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs responsible for overseas appointment has the right to terminate the appointment of Thi Tam Goiset as the Roving Ambassador to Russia and Eastern Countries.

The statement above was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade under Edward Natapei as minister following media statements by the former Russian envoy Goiset that "under the law, the Minister for Foreign Affairs cannot unilaterally revoke her appointment."

Supported with relevant provisions of the Foreign Service Act No.22 of 2008, Goiset argued that unless the President removes her from office on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers, her "termination is null and void."

"And any purported appointment thereof made contrary to the process and procedure as out laid in the Act is null and void and has no effect," Goiset’s legal representatives has advised.

But the ministry held by Natapei responded that "the Ministerial Order is done by the Minister of Foreign Affairs who has responsibilities over Vanuatu diplomatic consular representation overseas. The Ministerial Order No. 227 of which underline terms and conditions for the Roving Ambassador was signed by the then minister of foreign affairs.

"The presentation of credentials by the Head of State is a diplomatic formality that calls for recognition of the appointment done by the minister from receiving state.

"As the minister of Foreign Affairs responsible for overseas appointment the Deputy PM has the right to terminate the appointment. Pursuant to the Foreign Service Act, the Head of State will issue a letter of recall following the Government’s decision."

The government statement continued "the government has no intention to discredit Mrs. Goiset, however maintains its stand on the need to review the overseas appointments and ensure it is done in accordance with existing laws and international practice to reflect the wish of the government and people of Vanuatu."

In its effort to improve the credibility of its missions abroad, the new government through the foreign affair’s ministry currently is reviewing its diplomatic consular representatives overseas and taking necessary steps to revoke all appointments that deemed ineffective and irrelevant to the Vanuatu government.

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