4 New Suicide Cases Reported  On Monday In Fiji

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Police record 39 suicides, 48 attempted for 2013 alone

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 10, 2013) – Fiji police say four new suicide cases were reported on Monday, bringing the total number of suicide cases this year to 39 and attempted suicide cases to 48.

Fiji Live reports the youngest victim was a 15year-old and the oldest was a 40 year-old.

The Senior Medical Officer at the Central Community Mental Health Hub, Dr Nirvana Karan, says through its various awareness programs the Ministry of Health was doing its best to prevent suicides.

Dr. Karan says they have educational seminars at community level on suicide prevention and have a collaborative partnership with Empower Pacific to provide free counseling services to the general public.

She also says stress management units are opened at each divisional hospital to provide accessible mental health services to cases of attempted suicide.

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