Former Solomons MP Convicted For Abusing Constituency Funds

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State lawyer says case clarifies expectations for Solomons MPs

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 9, 2013) – The conviction of a former Solomon Islands MP for misusing public funds is seen as sending a strong message to other members of parliament.

Japhet Waipora, who had represented West Makira, was found guilty last week of misusing funds of more than US$20,000 dollars that had been earmarked for his constituency in 2008 and 2009.

It included money for Waipora’s constituency to celebrate the Solomons’ 30th independence anniversary in 2008 and to buy a new engine for a boat used by the community.

The lawyer representing the crown in the case, Ricky Iomea, says the guilty verdict spells out clearly what is expected of MPs.

"The message that should be sent out now is that money allocated for a particular purpose or a particular project, should be used only for that particular purpose," he said.

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