Vanuatu Company Aims To Export Copra To Europe

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Exporter says new market could benefit local farmers hugely

By Harrison Selmen

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, June 17, 2013) – JAD Commodities Ltd. is the first ni-Vanuatu owned company that received its operating license from the Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board (VCMB) chairman, Gaspar Paulo, Thursday this week to supply European market, targeting Spain.

This is the first local buyer that switched trade to Europe compared to other buyers in Luganville who export copra to the Philippines.

Chairman for VCMB, Paulo, said JAD export authority came into effect after complying with all new procedures and condition the VCMB has introduced. He said the license is effective from June 13 to the end of December 2013 and to continue exporting, the company has to apply again on January to have another valid license until December 2014.

Paulo said he believes and hopes farmers will be satisfied with the new price the VCMB has approved and the new company.

He said any company who is interested to export to Europe has to comply with all procedures and if they do not meet requirements then they will not be granted any license.

JAD operation Manager, Apia Kenneth, thanked the VCMB board for the approval which could see a huge benefit to local farmers.

Kenneth said they are looking at buying copra out in the islands with the approved price by the VCMB of Vt30,000 and Vt35,000 [US$314 and US$367] at the two main wharfs, the Ifira Stevedoring in Port Vila and NISCOL in Luganville.

The current number of buyers has increased to six after the approved of JAD Commodities. Daily Post is aware all buyers were given 14 days to agree to the new license procedures and conditions.

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