Solomons’ Premiers Told RAMSI Police To Remain

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Solomons’ Premiers Told RAMSI Police To Remain Police to stay for 4 more years to assist local counterparts

By Elliot Dawea

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, June 24, 2013) – RAMSI’s Participating Police Force will remain to help their local counterparts when the regional assistance mission winds down next month, provincial premiers were told.

Special coordinator Nicholas Coppel highlighted this when he addressed the premiers’ conference in Gizo, last Wednesday.

Coppel said RAMSI’s military component will leave around July-August 2013, but the police will remain for another four years.

"The Participating Police Force will retain its armed capability to back up the RSIPF where needed and as requested," the RAMSI chief added.

He said over the next four years RAMSI will continue to provide training and support to the RSIPF especially in leadership development, public order management, logistics, human resources and administration.

Coppel also said RAMSI now has the confidence on the RSIPF to take over and lead the force.

"Public support is important for local police to carry out their duties more effectively and efficiently."

The RAMSI chief said most members of the RSIPF have undergone specialised training in public order management and crowd control.

He said on the issue of police rearmament, it is a matter for the Solomon Islands Government to decide on, not RAMSI.

"RAMSI is ready to assist with the development of rules and regulations, as well as training, if the government decides to reintroduce some limited use of firearms to the police."

Premiers who spoke during the session said the RAMSI transition is an important process and Solomon Islanders must prepare to take control of their country.

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