Tonga School Rugby Finals To Be Held Without Crowds

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Only select individuals allowed to watch games

NUKUALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, July 30, 2013) – The finals of the Tongatapu Secondary Schools Rugby are going ahead quietly this week at the Teufaiva Stadium in Tonga, but without the crowds of spectators who are not allowed to attend, in order to prevent any school fights.

The finals for Grade 3 and 4 were held today, July 30 and the finals of Grade 2 and the 1st XV will be held on Thursday, August 1.

The Tongatapu Secondary School Principals Committee announced today that the finals would be divided and held on two-days and only selected individuals, including the players’ parents and media, would be allowed to attend the games.

The committee stated that Tupou College, a finalist for both Grade 1 and Grade 5 had decided to cede the win to Tonga Side School in Grade 1 and ‘Apifo’ou College in Grade 2, and not to play the finals this year.


The Assistant Deputy Police Commissioner Soakai Motu’apuaka said the Police were happy with the committee’s decision.

"Given the tense situation at the moment following the student attack at the home in Tofoa this is the best way to deal with the finals under the circumstances," he said.

Tonga College and Liahona will play in the final of the 1st XV grade, on Thursday.

[PIR editor’s note: Weeks ago, students and former students of Tupou College attacked a house and 2 Tonga College students, ultimately resulting in 147 being arrested. 150 individuals have since been charged in court.]

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