Solomons Academic Questions Continuity After RAMSI Leaves

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Intervention created institutions government can’t afford: Kabutaulaka

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 4, 2013) – A Solomon Islands academic says as the Regional Assistance Mission to the country is scaled down it will be important to ask whether the intervention has created institutions that the government cannot afford.

Last month marked a decade of RAMSI, which was deployed originally to end an ethnic conflict that killed 200 people and displaced tens of thousands of others.

Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka of the Centre for Pacific Islands Studies at the University of Hawaii, says while RAMSI has been very successful in some areas, it may also have created dependency.

He says the police force may be one example of that and so it is important to ask what kind of policing Solomon Islands needs.

"Is appropriate for Solomon Islands and can be afforded by Solomon Islands? So, our police force does not need to necessarily have to resemble and function in the same way as the federal police force functions. But we could look at other ways of policing."

Tarcisius Tara says there have been discussions about community policing but he is not sure how far they have been explored.

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