House Calls For Review Of Palau Executive Branch Positions

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President Remengesau asked to give findings to Olbiil Era Kelulau

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, August 5, 2013) – Palau’s House of Delegates adopted a House Joint Resolution requesting the President to review all employment positions within the Executive Branch as well as the duties called for under each position.

The president is requested to report findings of such review to the Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK).

The report shall include listing of all employment positions and the duties required of each positions so as to allow for an assessment of whether or not there is redundancy in positions and whether or not the current positions are the most efficient and cost-effective positions needed to best organize the offices or agencies.

Six months after the installation of the 9th Constitutional Government, it is reportedly the appropriate time to review all of the government’s offices and agencies for better financial budgetary management of the national government.

The resolution, introduced by Del. Lee Otobed, Del. Marino Ngemaes and Del. Yutaka Gibbons Jr., disclosed that the Executive Branch is estimated to have over 1,600 employees. The cost for these employees includes not only their salaries but also the government’s share for each employee’s benefits including annual and medical leave, social security, pension and health care contributions.

The resolution states that a review of government offices and agencies’ employment positions is a positive step toward developing a Labor Code as well as a standard occupation classification system or industry which will allow for appropriate data collection and dissemination as well as the efficient monitoring of the Republic’s employment sector, all of which will benefit the Republic’s employment development and economy as a whole.

After adoption in the House, the resolution was transmitted to the Senate for its concurrence. It is currently in the Senate Committee on Ways and Means and Financial Matters for review.

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