Ethnic Clash At PNG University Spills Out Into Street

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Drunken brawl between UPNG students closes Waigani Drive

By Todagia Kelola

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, August 12, 2013) – A drunken brawl at the country’s premier learning institution, the University of Papua New Guinea has led to an all-out ethnic clash between two provincial groups over the weekend.

Acting NCD Metropolitan Commander Godwin Dukaduka told the Post-Courier that the two groups from Chimbu and Enga had staged an all out tribal warfare on Saturday in the campus which spilled over on to the main Waigani Drive road.

"For one full hour the Waigani Drive road from the University roundabout to the Botanical Garden roundabout was blocked off as the two groups chased each other with knives, sharp objects and stones. Police were contacted in which we manage to drive the students back into the campus and the road was cleared for the public to use" said Mr Dukaduka.

He said Police moved in to the campus and spoke to the leaders of the two groups who agreed to meet yesterday at 3pm to resolve their problem.

"The situation at the campus is tense but my men are patrolling the area and I am appealing to the leaders of the two groups to restrain their members from participating in this warfare."

He also warned that his men will not hesitate to arrest and charge any student who goes out of the campus and tries to cause inconvenience for the travelling public using the Waigani Drive road.

A member of the public who was caught in between with his family members during the clash by the two provincial groups said "It is very unbecoming of our future leaders and those we thought are the brains of our country to be involved in such primitive way of solving a problem, shame on them, they should not be in there"

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