Vanuatu Police Seize 700 Kilograms Of Cocaine In Bust

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Drugs taken from unmanned yacht worth over $200 million

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, August 22, 2013) –Vanuatu police have seized about 700 kilos of what has been reported as cocaine with an estimated street value of around Vt20 billion [US$204.7 million].

The seizure took place on a yacht in Port Vila by Vanuatu police reportedly with the assistance of the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

This yacht, formerly known by the name of ‘Raj’ has been renamed as ‘Scope’ and is now detained by the Vanuatu Government authorities.

While police are expected to release the exact amount of drug seized at a press conference organised today by Police Commissioner, Arthur Caulton, very reliable sources have confirmed the above amount to Daily Post yesterday.

To put it into perspective, the weight of this drug haul is equivalent to 28 bags of 25kg rice.

Daily Post was independently and reliably informed that the record 700 kilos of cocaine is the largest haul of drugs trafficking through Oceania in modern history of drugs passing through Oceania waters and countries.

It is understood that the yacht at the centre of this major investigation and drug haul was advertised in the Daily Post about three months ago and placed on tender.

This is the biggest haul from the last 300 kilos of cocaine that was reportedly shipped via Vanuatu on another yacht called ‘Friday freedom’ to Australia in 2011 but was intercepted by the AFP.

The 700 kilos seized this week on the yacht in Port Vila is said to be well preserved in some 600 separate bags.

Daily Post was also reliably informed that the ‘Raj’ or ‘Scope’ has been in Vanuatu for two years.

It is alleged that the captain of the yacht left Vanuatu in 2011 and the yacht has been left unmanned after a similar search was done on this same yacht for drugs around two years ago.

Daily was reliably informed that the Vanuatu Police Force and the VMF with the Customs Department were informed of the yacht and her cargo of cocaine shortly after being alerted of the yacht and the haul of the huge amount of cocaine cargo she was carrying.

They maintained surveillance over the yacht since then until this week when they moved to seize the yacht, searched and discovered largest quantity of the cocaine drug as suspected since the yacht arrived in Port Vila.

It was not clear who the owner of the yacht was or is and her last destination before sailing into Port Vila and where the owners and the drugs cartel involved in such a huge quantity of cocaine intended the yacht and her cargo of cocaine to go from Vanuatu.

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