More Issues Arise From Solomons Police Head’s Appointment

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Governor general refers decision back, citing constitutional issues

By Ednal Palmer

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Oct. 1, 2013) – The wait for a formal appointment of the new Solomon Islands police commissioner has dragged on after the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) informally went to the media with the cabinet’s decision.

That was non-procedural according to the Government House, but a spokesperson confirmed that the Governor General (GG) already received advice from the Prime Minister of the appointment as per the constitution requirement.

However, the spokesperson said the Governor General has referred the matter back to the Prime Minister’s office due to some constitutional issues.

"The matter was referred back to the PMO because there are constitutional issues surrounding the appointment that needs to be sorted out.

"The matter was referred to the PM in order for him to seek advice from the Attorney General."

The spokesperson could not elaborate more on the "constitutional issues" that warrants advice from the Attorney General but said the ball is back in the court.

Asked if it was an issue with the Governor General that the PMO decided to announce the appointment in the media before advising the Governor General, the spokesperson said it was a matter of procedure.

"It was a requirement in the constitution that the moment the PM consulted with the commissioner and decided on someone, the Prime Minister should advise the GG.

"The PMO should be aware of the procedure, but we already received the advise which was referred back to them again."

Peter Aoraunisaka who was reported to be third on the list of preferences agreed on by the Police and Prison Service Commission was informally appointed by the Cabinet more than a week ago.

British man Frank Short was recommended by the commission according to sources, followed by Edmund Sikua.

A day after cabinet made the decision and announced in the media, the unofficially appointed Aoraunisaka was involved in a vehicle accident.

He was under investigations for the incident.

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