Samoan Vendors Told To Move Off Of Footpaths

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Stall operators must utilize formal markets or face fines

BY Alan Ah Mu

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, Oct. 20, 2013) – Vendors in Samoa selling on footpaths in town are no longer allowed to do so.

In a media release issued today Land Transport Authority says they and Police will work together to remove stalls erected on road reserves and footpaths in town, in particular Fugalei.

"Those who have stalls in Fugalei have been informed by way of official letter that they are required to dismantle their stalls and vacate the road reserve and footpath area by 27th October, as it is not safe for them, pedestrians and the people who will buy goods from their stalls," it says.

"In accordance with section 53 of the LTA Act 2007, it is an offence to interfere and/or obstruct roads or road reserves, and such offence carries a penalty fine of up to $2,500.

"Private companies have set up markets to cater for people selling crops and vegetables like Chan Mow and Ah Liki and they have been advised to utilise these areas."

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