Am. Samoa Hospital Staff Threaten Walkout Over Rehiring

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Authority chose to rehire doctor with questionable practices

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Oct. 21, 2013) – A decision by the American Samoa Hospital Authority Board to hire a doctor who was forced out last year because of questionable patient care and poor job performance, may lead to a walkout by several senior employees.

It’s been confirmed by the acting chairman of the board, Mase Akapo Akapo, that Dr. Iotamo Saleapaga has been selected as the new chief medical officer for the LBJ Hospital.

The decision is dependent on the approval of a hospital committee which is to review whether Dr. Salaepaga can practise medicine at the LBJ again.

His privileges were revoked prior to his forced removal from the hospital last year.

Despite this Dr. Saleapaga was hired as a physician by the Department of Health which is separate from the LBJ Hospital.

Reliable sources say senior administrative and medical staff are among those threatening to walkout.

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