Guam Landfill Expected To Reach Full Capacity By 2020

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GovGuam will need $16.3 million to build additional cell at Layon

By Gina Tabonares-Reilly

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Marianas Variety Guam, Nov. 21, 2013) – In six years, the two-year-old Layon landfill is estimated to fill up its first two cells and the government of Guam will need to ensure that the Guam Solid Waste Authority has capital funding of at least $16.3 million just to build one additional cell.

On top of the $16.3 million, GovGuam also needs at least $5.5 million for the closure of cell 1 and cell 2, which are estimated to reach full capacity by 2020, according to federal receiver representative David Manning of Gershman, Brickner and Bratton.

Manning made this announcement in the receiver’s quarterly report before the District Court of Guam in the presence of GSWA board members, acting governor Ray Tenorio, Sen. Tom Ada, DPW director Carl Dominguez, GEPA air and land administrator Conchita Taitano, US Attorney Michael Schwab, Atty. Rawlen Mantanona, and Governor’s legal counsel Sandra Miller.

The hearing was also attended via video conference from California by Robert Mullaney of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Manning also presented his report via video conference.

Based on current projections, the receiver estimated that cells 1 and 2 of the Layon landfill will be full early in 2020 assuming that waste will continue to grow by 2.1 percent annually.

"An increase or decrease in the rate of growth by 1 to 2 percent will change the date by two or three months in either direction. Enhanced recycling could also change the date by a few months as could the compaction rates achieved by the landfill operator. It is, however, clear that new cells will be needed by 2020 and cells 1 and 2 will need to be properly closed," GBB reported.


According to Manning, the closure cost of the cells in 2012 dollars is estimated to be $199,000 per acre. With adjusted inflation of 3 percent annually, the cost would rise to $244,745 per acre in 2019, resulting in an estimated cost for closure of two cells amounting to $5.5 million.

As for the new cell construction, the cost is estimated at $900,000 per acre in 2012 and with 3 percent inflation annually, the cost would rise to $1,106,886 per acre in 2019 resulting in an estimated cost of $10.8 million for cell 3 and $11.1 million for cell 4, should GovGuam decided to build two cells simultaneously.

"Should the government decide to build only one cell at that time, it needs capital funding of $16.3 million or $27.4 million should it be determined to build two additional cells," the receiver reported.

Waste disposal

Meanwhile, GBB reported that residential and commercial accounts of GSWA customers recorded a decline in waste disposal for the year 2013, but government accounts nearly tripled and the mayor’s offices grew by 10.8 percent.

The military waste disposal dropped by 4.4 percent, residential waste disposal went down by 3.5 percent, and commercial waste disposal declined by 2.3 percent.

The government of Guam recorded a 199.6 percent increase in waste disposal from 2,057 tons of waste to 6,162 tons.

The total waste disposed of at the Layon landfill totaled 93,943 tons for fiscal year 2013, a 2.1 percent increase over FY 2012.

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