Tonga Power Limited Working To Fix Recent Fraud

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Offending employees sacked, processes changed: CEO

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 3, 2013) – Tonga Power Ltd’s chief executive, John van Brink, says fraudulent activities uncovered at a company it acquired earlier this year have cost the company and the general public thousands of pa’anga.

Tonga Power bought LP Home Gas and discovered some staff had allegedly been manipulating records and skimming profits, while others had been underfilling and overcharging for gas.

Mr van Brink says they have sacked the offenders and to ensure the problems do not recur have changed processes, including reconciling deliveries.

"We have got electronic scales installed which are accurate. We are putting in place a point of system which actually links the scales back to our financial system so that people who pay the invoices, the receipts are linked to the actual cylinders being filled so that there is a reconciliation there that is automatic. And we are putting in surveillance cameras."

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