Tight Security Limits Supplies To Grasberg Mine In Papua

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Increased security in wake of shooting chokes land supply routes

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 23, 2013) – A contractor at the Grasberg copper and gold mine in Papua says a tense security situation is limiting the flow of supplies to mine workers.

Earlier this month a bus carrying an Indonesian military commander and officers was fired upon by unidentified assailants near the mine in the Mimika regency of the Indonesian province.

Pete Browne is part of a multi-national team installing large rockfall barriers around the mine's perimeter and he says there were several more shootings last week.

"Pretty much they've stopped most traffic coming from the lowlands up to the mine. It's probably about a three-hour drive and that's where all the supplies come from so supplies are running low at the moment and they've pretty much reverted to just using the big passenger helicopters to move people around from the highlands to the lowlands," he said.

Pete Browne says the security situation around the mine is at red alert.

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