Vanuatu ‘Chief’ Accused Of Misusing Title To Apply For Aid

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Vanuatu ‘Chief’ Accused Of Misusing Title To Apply For Aid Court orders man to stop using Chiefly title until appeal decided

By Glenda Shing

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Jan. 3, 2014) – Chief Sasamakinata and Chief Petere of Fenonge Village, Emae Island, have claimed that chief Willie Wati has been using the Chiefly title name, Tinapuamata, to request for aid from donor partners, although, he was not entitled to exercise his powers under that Chiefly name.

To support their statement, according to the court ruling of the Civil Appeal Case No. 1 of 2013, the Magistrate Court has ruled that Willie Wati, be restrained from using the Chiefly title name of Tinapuamata of Nambua Nakamai, Fenonge Village on Emae Island, until the final determination of this appeal.

The judgment further stated that Wati be restrained from exercising the rights, powers and privileges according to the Chiefly title Tinapuamata until further court judgment scheduled for early 2014.

They added that Wati was also using some group of people, whom he claimed to be high ranking chiefs from Emae, to support his statements when requesting aid from donors.

But according to Chief Sasamakinata and Chief Petere, this group of people is not recognised as high ranking chiefs on Emae and have allegedly not gone through the right procedure for their chiefly ordinations.

Chief Petere and Chief Sasamakinata are therefore calling on to donor partners to reject any aid request from Willie Wati, under the chiefly name Tinapuamata.

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