Solar Panels For Elementary Schools Arrive In Chuuk

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Project aims to enhance education with technology

By Michelle Conerly

CHUUK, Federated States of Micronesia (Pacific Daily News, Jan. 23, 2014) – The first phase of a project to bring digital education to Chuuk was completed last week with the delivery of 12 stand-alone photovoltaic systems with batteries.

The Rotary Club of Truk Lagoon, in collaboration with Rotary Clubs in Japan, continues to work on a project to help 12 elementary schools in Faichuk that lack power, Internet, telephone and cellular service and water. Faichuk is one of four islands within the Truk Lagoon of Chuuk state of the Federated States of Micronesia.

"When completely assembled, the photovoltaic systems will have the capacity to produce about 60 (kilowatt-hours) per day," according to a press release from Bill Hagen, owner of Pacific Solar and Photovoltaics.

A technician from the company traveled to Chuuk to train a number of people how to properly wire up the inverters, panels and batteries and properly test the systems at every phase of the assembly process. These people will be responsible for setting up the photovoltaic systems at remote schools throughout the Faichuk Islands, helping to enhance education.

The second phase of the project will deliver digital projection and sound equipment to display English language educational programs to students in Faichuk, the release said.

More residents will be trained to set up the technology -- such as speakers and projectors -- and to operate the digital equipment, which is slated to be delivered in the next few months.

A search is underway, according to the release, for the "proper" digital education programs that can foster the development of a curriculum to be installed into the digital projectors.

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