Palau Families Impacted By Cyclone Haiyan Receive Checks

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Government helps 110 families recover from disaster

By Aurea Gerundio-Dizon

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, Jan. 31, 2014) – A total of 110 families have received funding assistance from the national government as of January 29, listing released by the Office of the President yesterday disclosed.

The list showed a total of 152 names from Kayangel, Ngchesar, Ngiwal, Ngardmau, Ngarchelong, Melekeok and Ngaremlengui. As of January 29, a total of 42 have not yet claimed their checks.

Earlier, Finance Min. Elbuchel Sadang said that the national government will be disbursing funds to families affected by Haiyan to help them get their lives back to normal.

The amounts received by the victims were based on the level of damage to their homes. Those evaluated to be under level 1 will receive $750, under level 2 will receive $4,000 and under level 3 will receive $9,000. Except for victims from Kayangel, under level 3 will receive $12,000. Victims categorized under level 4, which means their homes were completely destroyed by the super typhoon, will be awarded with the prefabricated houses donated by the Republic of China to Palau.

The list showed that in Kayangel, 9 out of 16 got their checks. Each received $12,000. In Ngchesar, three out of five received checks (1 was level 2 and two were level 1).

In Ngiwal, 15 out of 19 got their checks (11 were level 1 and four were level 2). In Ngardmau, 22 out of 27 got their checks (14 were level 1, four were level 2 and four were level 3).

In Ngarchelong, 44 out of 66 got their checks (24 were level 1, eight were level 2 and 12 were level 3). In Melekeok, all five got their checks (three were level 1, 1 was level 2 and the other 1 was level 3). In Ngaremlengui, 12 out of 14 got their checks (seven were level 1, four were level 2 and 1 was level 3).

In total, the national government has disbursed $403,750 of $581,750. Disbursement dates shown in the list were January 28 and January 29.

President Remengesau has explained in the previous press conference at Palau Wave radio station that those receiving funding assistance were also required to signed agreement to ensure that the funds they receive will only be used for home repairs.

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