Nearly 500 Solomon’s Students Lose Scholarships

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Nearly 500 Solomon’s Students Lose Scholarships Tough policy means 495 new students will have chance to study

By Bradford Theonomi

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Feb. 10, 2014) – Four hundred and ninety-five government-sponsored students will not be able to continue after they were removed from the scholarship list this year.

Of this total, 177 were terminated, 149 suspended, and 169 under-load.

Education minister Dick Ha’amori revealed this to the media on Friday.

Mr Ha’amori said these 495 scholarships will instead be given out to high-performing students who have missed out on government sponsorship before.

"Students who are terminated are those who have failed below half the required courses to pass," the minister explained.

"Suspended students are mostly first year students who have failed two courses.

"Those categorised as under-load are students who failed to perform to the maximum expected and have to do extension to complete their studies."

This tough new measure took many students who were looking forward to returning to their respective regional universities this year, by shock.

Mr Ha’amori also revealed the Government has offered a total of 432 new scholarships this year, not 99 as appeared of a list the ministry released early this week, and reported in the media.

The minister said the new scholarships will be both for those who will study abroad as well as locally.

"In all, the government is sponsoring a total of 1,375 on-going students and 432 students for this year alone," Mr Ha’amori said.

He said it cost the government a lot of money to sponsor tertiary students, therefore students must perform to the expected standard.

The minister added the government is concerned that while some students are working hard to achieve better results, others are taking the opportunity for granted.

"Thus the ministry of education, together with the ministry of finance, are taking all necessary measures to ensure we get value for our money."

Mr Ha’amaori said the ministry would like to see students value the opportunity accorded to them and do their best.

"Someone has to step in to sort things out and it is time that measures are taken seriously and put in place."

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