USP Academics Appointed To Global Development Networks

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International, regional bodies promote better research for development

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Feb 25, 2014) – Two academics from The University of the South Pacific USP) have been appointed to global development networks effective from February 2014.

USP’s Professor of Economics, Professor Biman Prasad has been appointed a member of the Global Development Network (GDN) Board of Directors while Dr Gordon Nanau, a Politics and International Affairs Lecturer at the School of Government, Development and International Affairs, has been appointed head and chair of the Oceania Development Network (ODN).

Global Development Network (GDN) is a public international organization that builds research capacity in development globally.

GDN is headquartered in New Delhi, with offices in Cairo and Washington DC and was founded in 1999.

ODN is GDN’s regional network.

Professor Prasad replaces Professor Vijay Naidu who completed his two terms at the GDN board at the end of 2013.

He previously served as Head of School of Economics and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at USP and has also served as chair of ODN.

"I am very pleased with the appointment as it will provide an opportunity for me to contribute to the global agenda of the GDN to build research capacity in developing countries," Professor Prasad said.

Dr Nanau said as head and chair of ODN, he was excited but humbled to be given another opportunity to serve our people, especially the young researchers of the Pacific.

"ODN is a regional network that strives to encourage and nurture the research skills of young Pacific islanders.

The network’s emphasis is to encourage and train researchers who will carry out studies, whose findings will ultimately influence public policy," he said.

"This is a fundamental task and I am conscious, as Chair, of the genuine commitment of other executive members ODN’s vision," he said.

Dr Gordon said since ODN is a regional research network, USP as a regional university is well placed to host the secretariat of the network.

"USP has been very supportive of the work that ODN is doing in the region and, as Chair, I am thankful for that. ODN complements USP’s efforts (under the current Strategic Plan) to encourage research, informed discussions and publications," he added.

"For Oceania as a region, research that informs policy discussions and development is critical. The more we develop skills and knowledge on how to do such research, the better it is for policy makers in the region," he said.

Dr. Gordon also acknowledged USP and GDN for their continuous support towards young Pacific researchers.

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