Solomon’s Government Urged To Table Truth And Reconciliation Report

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Solomon’s Government Urged To Table Truth And Reconciliation Report NGO says reported already leaked, PM should make it formal

By Daniel Namosuaia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Feb. 19, 2014) – Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) has renewed calls for the tabling of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) report.

The group urged the Prime Minister to address the TRC report which has already gone viral and interpreted in different languages around the world.

FSII President, Redley Raramo said the Prime Minister must put aside his angry outburst of the unconventional release of the TRC report.

"There is no way we can correct the wrong that was made," Mr Raramo said.

"Avoidance of addressing the repercussion of the spilled report is not the way forward. Now it is time the government looks constructively at ways to facilitate the report to ensure recommendations proposed in the report are fully adhered and carried out accordingly by the responsible government.

"The reality is that, the odd has emerged hence it is only relevant that our PM lead the way in solving the consequential effects.

"The results only reflect the frustrations of the people as reflected through numerous calls made by different organisations, civil societies and individuals for a serious consideration of the timely release but to no avail hence the action although legal has been flawed.

"As such it is fitting; the government speedily organises itself to critically handle and face the reality because avoidance will only fuel much desperation from the victims affected by the evil tensions".

Mr Raramo the PM should swiftly intervene in a more prudent manner to start the process of administering and facilitating by first tabling it on the floor of parliament by way of fulfilling Part VI section 17(1) of the TRC Act.

He said this is to achieve and effectively pursue relevant and pragmatic approaches for the speedy healing of our nation.

FSII chief executive officer Benjamin Afuga said: "Now let’s face the truth…it’s time to stand up, unshackle the hatred, bad memories, trauma, and pain.

"Let’s fasten forgiveness, embrace love, hug joy, enjoy peace, enrich unity and move forward to find true healing, progress and prosperity".

Mr Afuga said he believed the big call now is how everyone can help the government deal with the leaked TRC report.

"Let’s stop talking about Terry Brown and the PM. No one will ever change the fact that the TRC report has been leaked and already seen by many Solomon Islanders, including the entire world."

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