Voter Registration Teams Deployed To Solomons Provinces

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Chief Electoral Officer: ‘We Are On Track’

By Daniel Namosuaia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, March 4, 2014) – Deployment of the first Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) officials has left Honiara yesterday to various constituencies in the western, central and eastern regions of the country.

This was to kick start the voters’ registration process, chief electoral officer (CEO) Polycarp Haununu has confirmed in a press conference yesterday.

Two chartered boats left the Point Cruz wharf evening loaded with officials, water, food, equipment and materials to be used during the 40 days work.

MV Makulata will travel to Makira and Temotu to cover the Eastern regions. And MV Maetalau will leave for parts of Malaita and its outer Islands.

[PIR editor’s note: The Solomons Star also reported that there is some question about how the shipping companies were selected to deliver registration officials. The ships carrying officials are reportedly owned by MPs within the government and "How transparent the selection of the two shipping companies was for the assignment would be interesting to know" a concerned citizen asked.]

Haununu said this was the first deployment and expects the second one on the fifth of this month to prepare officials for the start of the Biometric Voter Registration program that starts on the 10th March to the 18th of April.

MV Uta Prince will leave for the Western region transporting officials to work on Isabel, Western, and Choiseul and Shortland islands today.

"We are on track," Haununu assured the nation.

He said the commission has engaged a total of 834 assistant registration officers with registration kits for the collection of data.

The CEO added the ARO are responsible to carryout work in all voter registration centres throughout the 50 constituencies in the country.

Mr Haununu said a total of 953 voter registration centres has been identified nationwide for all the constituencies and the commission is confident to complete the job within the specified timeframe of 40 days.

Meanwhile the CEO is encouraging the general populace to get prepared and register themselves. He said if people want to vote during the coming elections, they have to visit any voter registration close to them and register.

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