Construction On Palau’s Largest Hotel To Start Soon

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Construction On Palau’s Largest Hotel To Start Soon Chinese investor to pour $150 million into Pacific Star Resort

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, March 10, 2014) – Work on the Palau Pacific Star Resort, which will be the biggest hotel facility in this island nation once completed, is expected to start soon.

Hunter Tian, the President of the Palau Pacific Star Resort Corporation (PPSRC), said that they are just awaiting the necessary permits from the Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) before proceeding with the project.

PPSRC is the company that will build the resort hotel. PPSRC is a Palau charted and registered corporation.

"We are just waiting for the licenses, and then we will start building the project," the Chinese investor said.

Tian, who is originally from Hunan Province, Mainland China, said the project will entail an investment of $150 million.

The plan is to build a 210-room hotel facility at the Airai side of the Palau-Japan Friendship Bridge. The PPSR has acquired the 81,910 square meter leasehold waterfront property called Klubed from the Tmetuchl family to build the resort facility.

The resort facility will include a multi-purpose restaurant, a luxury shopping center, traditional Chinese medical facility, a swimming pool, a waterfront bar, a driving range and a yacht club. Bulk of the rooms will be bungalow type designs with waterfront views of the ocean and the high bridge in Airai.

A local workforce is planned for the construction phase, and the developer said that they will utilize local products and services.

"The materials for the wood cover will be obtained locally," Tian disclosed.

Once work started, the project is expected to be completed in a short time.

Prominent businessman and diplomat Jackson Henry, who is a consultant to the project, said the plan is to pre-build the bungalows in China and ship them in containers to Palau where they will be re-assembled on the construction sites.

"It will be like fitting the pieces of a puzzle," he said.

Earlier reports said that the proposed House Bill to give hotel development tax incentives is the main reason why Tian and his company decided to invest in Palau.

The hotel project in Airai is slated to be the biggest resort hotel in the country and will rival established multi-stars hotel establishments like the Palau Pacific Resort (PPR) and the Palau Royal Resort (PRR).

The planned hotel will help the island nation cope with high number of tourist arrivals.

Hotels in Palau often found it hard to accommodate the high number of visitors that come here year-round.

If the project started, it will be the second major hotel project undertaken by mainland Chinese investors since last year.

Mainland Chinese investors are also financing the re-building of the Palau Vacation Hotel in Malakal. Halfway done, the project recently hit a snag after a group of prominent locals filed a suit to stop its plan to build a septic/holding tank at the Long Island Park.

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