FSM Speaker Calls Special Session Of Congress

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News Release

FSM Congress Palikir, Pohnpei, FSM

March 24, 2014

Speaker Dohsis Halbert has called for third special session of the 18th Congress of the Federated States of MiC.R.onesia to convene on Monday, March 24, in the newly renovated chamber of Congress for the duration of 10 days in Palikir in accordance with Congressional Resolution 18-128.

According to the resolution which was adopted during the recent third regular session of Congress in January, there are issues still pending before the Congress that warrant additional time for the body to consider. Along with call for special session, 18 other resolutions were adopted during the January session a majority of which were grants for the various U.S. programs throughout the nation and they include:

In addition to the resolutions, Congress passed measures to fund various national undertakings and they included the creation of a Postal Revolving Fund (Congressional Act 18-40) for maintenance of projects to improve the postal services throughout the nation; along the lines of funding Congress passed the creation of a FSM Venture Fund (C.A. 18-43) to increase and establish a ceiling for corporate income tax to be invested in the fund and change the duration and expiration date of both new investments and new venture funds; C.A. 18-45 appropriated $250,000 to fund the improvement of terminal facilities in Chuuk and Kosrae; and C.S. 18-53 appropriated $15,000 to Bethwel Henry as a token of congressional appreciation for his immeasurable services to the nation.

C.A. 18-38 called for the compensation of employees who have for over ninety days served in an acting capacity in a position vacated by a presidential appointee; C.A. 18-39, called for the establishment of state sub-accounts in the FSM Trust Fund with a representative from each government as members of the board of trustees; C.A. 18-44, called for the registration of FSM citizens deported of crimes in foreign countries; and Congress overrode the president’s veto of $4,900,000 to fund public projects and social programs in the four states and resubmitted it as C.A. 18-34.

And finally the remaining 11 congressional acts were all amendments to either change the use and or allottee of funds previously appropriated for public projects and social programs across the nation.

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