Vanuatu’s Crystal Shores Development Revealed As Investment Scam

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Vanuatu’s Crystal Shores Development Revealed As Investment Scam Overseas ‘investor’ who announced project reportedly a ‘performer’

By Bob Makin

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 4, 2014) – No sooner is the huge Crystal Shores 'development plan' scam revealed - in Wednesday's Daily Post - than lawyer / developer/investor in Vanuatu, Robert Herd, is advising prime ministerial political adviser, Gilles Daniel, that it is a scam.

The foreign "investor" brought to Vanuatu by George Winslet and Jack Dimh was due to leave the country Wednesday.

The person was suggested by Herd to be a performer and demanded $20,000 for his part in the Crystal Shores scam.

If Erakor or Eratap villagers were expecting to be recipients of the many millions of dollars being requested for casino or hotel licences, they are completely misguided by the project literature.

Lands Minister Regenvanu also sees the whole matter as a huge scam.

It is to try to prevent such happenings that he has been working hard to get the land reform legislation, now passed by Parliament, completed.

On the other hand a representative of Erakor’s chief council, Mr Tim Kalmet, has told 96 Buzz FM that the project was a "scam and a fraud".

At any rate, the foreigner allegedly wanting the $20,000, Michael Foxmann, identified himself to this writer whilst being interviewed by Messrs Barak Sope and Andy Ayamiseba, Wednesday morning at the Grand.

The issue is likely to be hotly discussed in political rallies in the capital.

Foxmann was supposed to meet with the Prime Minister but when "discovered" by Winslet and Dimh no appointment was made, although the PM clearly knew of the plan as Gilles Daniel did.

No other political appointees' or civil servants' names were given in the communication Daily Post is using as evidence. The Winslet/Dimh duo is said to have conveyed their apologies for time wasted. Nothing else has been said about the deception their Erakor/Eratap scam involved.

No Environment Impact Assessment was ever sought for the 2,000 hectare development of almost everywhere from Erakor Lagoon to the Teouma River. No public awareness meetings were held. Custom owners knew nothing of the deception being carried out involving leasing their land and their subsistence gardens.

One Erakor custom owner spoken to by this reporter was planning to drill bore holes in his land next week, land which the project assumes belongs to Crystal Shores investors.

Lands Minister Regenvanu is emphatic that the whole affair is a scam and has been around for many years. It has been tried on unsuspecting investors more than once before.

Meanwhile, Jack Dihm has stated that Mr George Winslett is no longer associated with South Pacific Limited (SPL).

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